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Southeast Asia is located between Eastern India and Southern China has been strongly influenced by Indian cultures. Burma, locally called Myanmar, is the largest state of this part of Asia. It is divided into inland and costal parts and is composed of 7 regions and many other States. Due to political tensions, tourism in Burma is still in its early stages.  However, the local people, whether artisans or ordinary citizens are delighted to welcome their guests with warmth, smile and simplicity.



The country has a population of nearly 50 million of inhabitants and many places seem to be cut off from the outside world. Major Burmese cities along the Yangon and the Irrawaddy Rivers, the longest river of 2170 km, are accessible by the river cruises offered by Rivages du Monde. Despite the difficult situation existing in the country, this destination attracts more and more tourists. Rangoon and its colonial buildings or Mandalay and its Schwenandaw monastery, fully covered in teak or else the Poppa Mount the highest volcano peaking at 1600 m, are amongst the famous sites.
Besides the large cities with millions of inhabitants, Burma identifies many villages, preserved after some wars and rebuilt after the others. Cruising is the sole way to get access to these wonderful and scenic places of the back country. Bagan and its surroundings is an unmissable stopping point, where the most beautiful temples are erected.
Burma strives to overcome a tumultuous past and its still painful memories. This south Asian country, brings together Chinese, Indian and Thai cultures will certainly provide a total escapism.
Buddhist faith is still widely prevalent and the people are still building many temples and pagodas to honor and revere the figure of the Buddha.


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