Ava - Amarapura


Discover the Burmese charm of Ava and Amarapura.



Ava near Amarapura means “City of Immortals", was once the capital of Burma. Located on the left bank of the Irrawaddy River, the city is accessible by cruise ships like the R/V Paukan, operated by Rivages du Monde.
Formally called Taung Muyo, Amarapura is now part of the Mandalay region.
The ancient capital of the third Burmese empire offers a green relaxing landscape view. Amarapura preserves the charm of the countryside with its rice fields, extending out of sight.
The visit of this stop during your cruise with Rivages du Monde will first start with the town of Ava, where you will have the opportunity to admire the monastery of Mae Nu Oak, the monastery of Bagaya and the watchtower of Nanmyin.
Then the journey continues with the discovery of Amarapura, the former Burmese capital. Take your time to observe the U Bein Bridge, which was built entirely of teak on Taungthaman Lake. People commute every day on this bridge to get to the other side. During the crossing, you will admire the Kyauktawgyi Pagoda, built in the 19th century. Its detailed frescoes hidden beneath the vaults, greatly contribute to the beauty of the site. You will be given time at leisure to stroll through this timeless town.
To complete a stop in Ave and Amarapura, visit the huge traditional silk weaving factory. You will see the handcrafted silk and the skills of people who provide it for ages.
The smiling friendly villagers welcome tourists from all over the world based on the traditions of the country: local artisans benefit to reveal some of their secrets of products fabrication.


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