Bagan, a city of a mesmerizing beauty


Bagan, also nicknamed « The city of 4000 temples », is the ancient Kingdom’s capital, located in the north of Burma. Founded in 849, Bagan was the centre of a very prestigious kingdom. The place ranks among the most significant religious site in the world. More than two thousand temples and pagodas are a testimony of this prestigious Buddhist civilization and background.



A passage in the idyllic city of Bagan is an inescapable place to see during your cruise in Burma with Rivages du Monde. Indeed, the beauty of this village is breathtaking. Take the time to stroll into this city that seems to be out of the time with its carriages and bullock carts. The view of the temple at sunset will let you an undying memory.

There are many sites to visit in the city during the stop of your river journey with Rivages du Monde. Contemplate the vastness of the many temples that extend out of sight. Between the numerous stupas, temples and pagodas, some sites like the Ananda Temple of Gubyaukgyi or of Mahamuni are particularly essential. Pagodas located along the bank of the Irrawaddy give a picturesque sight for ship passengers.

The city of Bagan, this incomparable gem of Asia, deserves to be admired as well as its surrounding landscapes. The place also offers a variety of activities to experience. Appreciate the importance of crafts as one of the specialties of the local population and admire this experience on local markets, rich in products and flavors.

In addition to the many views that you will capture in the idyllic beauty of Bagan, do not lose a chance to bring back some souvenirs from the shops like Blue Sea or Baga House, the largest factory of lacquer in Bagan, which proposes a lot of different items, from necklaces to furniture decoration.


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