Mandalay, the Burmese city of jewels


Nicknamed «city of jewels», Mandalay is the second largest city in Myanmar, capital of the region of Mandalay. It is located off the Irrawaddy River and is therefore with easy access to the cruise ship of Rivages du Monde.



Its location along the Irrawaddy River contributes to make of the locality a peaceful place at the water’s edge. The important shipping and cruising traffic stem from all parts of Burma.  This cultural and religious center of Buddhism, which you have the opportunity to visit during your cruise with Rivages du Monde, enables the visitors to a full immersion into the ancient Burmese culture.
Like in any other Asian countries, Pagodas are to be seen anywhere within the local landscapes. One of the most famous is the Kuthodaw Pagoda, erected in 1857; it is considered as the symbol of Mandalay. Surrounded by more than 720 stupas, each of them is sheltering a stele of the Tipitaka. Another prestigious site is the Mahamuni Monastery that inspires serenity and peacefulness enjoys a great popularity and is deeply admired throughout the country.
The 240 m high Mandalay hill, north to the city is a further significant place of interest.  It is home for many monasteries to which many believers are flocking throughout the year.
As with most Burmese cities, handicrafts still have an important place. Visit of factories and workshops are quite frequent. The observation of the making process of the traditional puppets will let you an unforgettable impression. Mandalay is also known for wood carving, embroidery and silverware. If you would like to bring back home some souvenirs, the lovely markets of the city will give you this opportunity.


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