Mingun, a high spirit within a simple landscape


The city of Mingun is more than 10 miles away from Mandalay on the opposite bank of the Irrawaddy River. It houses the eponym unfinished pagoda, whose construction was undertaken in 1790 under the reign of King Anawratha. This pagoda, overlooking the river, is the main remnant of the ancient city.



The warm and humid climate of Mingun and of the rest of Burma, gives the impression of an endless summer. During a visit to Mingun, you can enjoy the typical landscape of the country that is very different but which is also bearing a feeling of serenity. Houses made of bamboo accumulate on the streets, made for kids to play happily and occupied by women who are busy with their laundry in the river. The landscape is full of charm and has retained its authenticity.
The reputation of this village is very well established. Mingun Pagoda with more than fifty meters high was originally supposed to shelter a tooth of the Buddha, eagerly coveted by the king of the time. The King’s delusion of grandeur is incarnated by the largest bell in the world, measuring 4 meters high and weighing 90 tons.
Furthermore, the cruise of Rivages du Monde will give you another interesting sight of the place while sailing on the river. The greetings of the village dwellers from the river bank reinforce the charm of this River journey.
You can also visit the House of Elders, which has a great importance for the local people to whom the respect for elders is a key value of their cultural identity.


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