Rangoon: a city with a high potential for tourism


Rangoon, also known as Yangon, is a cosmopolitan Burmese city and has been the nation’s capital until 2005. Now the city experiences a significant boom in tourism due to its accessibility and its central location within the Indian sub-continent.



Far from the usual urban bustle of the big cities, Rangoon is a very calm city with a relaxed atmosphere. This green city is offering a quiet and incomparable scenery. Let yourself be charmed by its small bustling streets, its exotic and vivid colors. In addition to its rich culture, lakes and gardens make it a destination of choice for those who want to have a taste of the former Burma.
The numerous cultural treasures recall the colonial past and the rich history of the city. The tow emblematic pagodas of Sule and Shwedagon amaze the visitors by their splendid brilliance
You will enjoy the Rangoon’s colonial district, its beautiful buildings and architecture.
While visiting a country where Buddhism is ubiquitous, you will still have time to watch St. Mary’s Cathedral; beautiful building that symbolizes the long standing presence of Catholic faith in the country, especially in Rangoon.
To penetrate in the atmosphere of the outside of Rangoon and to get to know the traditional life of the inhabitants, Rivages du Monde invites you to spend some time in the town of Syriam. Immerse yourself in local life as you walk through the aisles of the very typical market Than Lyn and Kyauk Tan where you will find local craft products. You can admire the beautiful Ye-Le Pagoda, which contains a fine collection of paintings and works of art.


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