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Mekong, a long river which inspires travel


The Mekong takes its source in the Himalayan heights. It’s natural path runs along several thousand kilometers through China, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam which all enjoy the riches of the Mekong waters.



Southeast Asia is a part of the world that holds many treasures. Not all of them are buried, and a lot are being offered to the view of travelers in search of something uncommon.
The Mekong River is a guide to explore the multiple attractions of Southeast Asia. River cruises facilitate the discovery of this part of the planet for the adventure lovers. Mekong, which is also called “Mother of All Rivers”, forms a border between various countries.  
A Mekong river cruise by Rivages du Monde is arousing a keen interest by enabling the discovery of numerous touristic highlights. Mekong is not only a border between countries but as well a mighty link between many villages and cities.
Without the River crossing, many places would be disconnected from the world. In Cambodia and Vietnam, river cruises represent a significant tourist attraction. The Thai–Lao Friendship Bridge, connecting by road the two countries, is a good case in point. In many Asian places, tourist industry is playing a vital role in keeping afloat the local economies.
Travelers will be amazed by stunning discoveries, by unexpected encounter with local people, amazing experiences, especially in the field of cuisine and food preparation.
The Mekong River is the tenth largest river in the world and the fourth largest in Asia. Its waters and banks house a host of animals and aquatic species.
Although being one of the richest in the world, the ecosystem is in danger. The construction of the new buildings have a tendency to weaken the flora and fauna.


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