Cai Be


Cai Be, a place of rich and dense vegetation.
Cai Be is a small district located at the entrance of the Mekong River. Due to the huge size of its floating market, it is an important economic center. Moreover, the economy of Cai Be depends heavily on the fruit crops that local farmers sell in this market.



Cruising the Mekong River is the best way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the towns located along the way. This route is an original creation of Rivages du Monde which first decided to make a stop in Cai Be. Upon landing, you will quickly notice that the city is immersed into an Amazonian setting, amplified by the effect of humidity.   
The local floating market is the best tourist attraction in the city. Traders across the Mekong sell their fruits and vegetables with enthusiasm and good humor. This the most famous market of Delta that stands out throughout Southeast Asia since the 19th century. Traders and buyers make their transactions above the water, so the unique show is guaranteed.
You start your visit by taking local boats to travel around the floating market and immerse in the local colorful atmosphere.
After the market, you will have a walking tour of Cai Be. You will meet with artisans who take proud to show you the making process of rice paper and coconut candies. Bring these sweet delicacies back as a souvenir so as to remember the place.


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