Kampong Chhnang


Kampong Chhnang is a charming town and the capital of the province bearing the same name. It is located at the Southern mouth of the Tonle Lake, easily accessible from the River and, by the same token, by the River cruises. 



Kampong Chhnang is an attractive small town, northwest of Phnom Penh. The place has kept some remnants of the colonial times in the old streets and by the river, in the houses on piles near the port. The local market is renowned for its local crafts. The neighboring floating villages provide spectacular and ravishing scenery for the cruise passengers of Rivages du Monde.  
You will quickly realize that river banks are particularly busy/lively and they will give you a true reflection of the local Cambodian life. Bird lovers will enjoy discovering a beautiful ornithological diversity. To integrate in the local life, you will have a journey, as in Cai Be, on the small boats that will take you around the village where all constructions the are floating; markets, school and even shops.  
After a short ride on a local sampan (local boat), you will walk into the town of Kampong Chhnang. It is home for charming colonial style neighborhoods and traditional houses of fishermen. Take the time to go to the local authentic market, located along the river. You will meet artisans, particularly in the field of pottery, one of the most developed crafts in this city. Their know-how and products are appreciated throughout Cambodia.


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