Kampong Tralach


Kampong Tralach, an essential step in the Mekong Cruise.
Kampong Tralach is part of Kampong Chhang district, located a few miles northwest of Phnom Penh. It is a typical small region of Southeast Asia. This is valuable for the genuine and sumptuous landscapes which surround the town.



Its exceptional and central location is making it an obvious stage for any ship cruising the Mekong.
Kampong Tralach played an important role in the history of its country as well as in Asia. The small town Longvek, which is a part of this district, was once the capital of Cambodia. This ancient city was one of the most important till 1618 as it was chosen by King Ang Chan as a place to build his palace. Unfortunately, the place was impoverished by the conquest of the region by the Siamese troops and the consequences of the clashes between Siam and Vietnam. Nevertheless, the site retained a magical ambiance.
Kampong Tralach is a less crowded village where you can enjoy a stroll on its charming streets. During your stop you will visit the ancient Wat Kampong Leu Vihara. This pagoda, which is isolated in the middle of rice fields, has an authentic charm. You will admire the beautiful paintings and scenic frescoes. However, the pagoda needs to be maintained by the local authorities.   
You will return back to the ship by ox-drawn carriage; this unusual walk will allow you to enjoy the scenery at a relaxed pace.


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