Koh Chong


Koh Chong, a charming craft village
Koh Chang is a beautiful little village on the Mekong River in Cambodia. The river cruises on the Mekong River, as the one with Rivages du Monde, allow our tourists to immerse themselves in this authentic discovery.



As the tour starts, you will be struck by the radical change of pace that reigns in this small town compared to Phnom Penh. The main trades of local people are agriculture and fishing. However, the silk weavers account for a great part of the local economy. On their weaving machines they produce scarves, fabrics, pieces of richly colored silk, which attract a lot of attention of tourists travelling on the Mekong cruise. This activity is mainly carried on by women and they endeavor to transmit and share their knowledge to the younger generations.  
This village, which specializes in silk weaving, is a must see attraction for tourists cruising the Mekong river. The best evidence of this is the growing number of ships calling at Koh Chong and visiting the manufacturing workshops and their master silk weavers.  
Although the village Chong Koh may seem remote comparing to the major towns in Cambodia, you will appreciate the warm and friendly local people there.
You will be charmed by the local kids and their lovely and friendly way to welcome visitors. They share the day between schooling and sale of souvenirs. You will find hard to resist their sincerity and charming manner of selling the souvenirs. You will have the possibility to meet these kids with their teachers in the primary school.     
Take the time to visit the Pagoda, a shrine particularly revered by the people of Koh Chong.


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