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Saigon, a multifaceted city.
Saigon, nowadays renamed Ho Chi Minh City, is the economic center of Vietnam. It is a city with a scenic landscape and a burdensome past. Saigon is located near the Mekong Delta. The city owns an impressive tourist heritage, attractive to people in search of new adventures.



While sightseeing the city, you will be struck by how the colonial and cultural past have shaped Saigon’s landscape. The multi-cultural legacy is reflected in the diversity of landscapes. During your cruise with Rivages du Monde, visit the market of Cholon, the largest shopping maul of Saigon, the economic capital of Vietnam.
Monuments and buildings like the Reunification Palace, the historical Pagoda Giac Liam or the War Museum make this city really unique. They are the also reminders of a troubled past, dating from the colonial era. These are the inescapable major attractions to visit during the cruise with Rivages du Monde. The perfect examples of French colonial architecture are the Notre Dame Cathedral, based on the one in Paris and the Central Post Office built by Eiffel.
Saigon is a city housing a numerous amount of museums. The best known is the Museum of History, which traces the history of the city and the country.
In the whole country, including Saigon the value and attraction of local crafts are known and appreciated. Therefore, the discovery of a craft factory will be interesting due to the accuracy of the work it requires, as well as for the skills of the artisans who create these beautiful works.
For your time at leisure, we recommend you to stroll at your own pace through this dynamic city. Those who enjoy shopping will be delighted at the choice of shops and souvenirs. If you prefer a more relaxing walk, enjoy the peace and beauty of the city along the tree-lined boulevards. The beautiful parks offer a great scenery and beautiful vegetation.


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