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Volga, a mythical River in Europe


The Volga is the longest River in Europe. It is inseparable from Russia and has an essential place in the heart of Russian people who use to call it “Matushka” Volga or “Mother” Volga. The Great Russian Plain, further East of Central Europe, is irrigated by the mighty River that has a peculiar place in the history and imagination of Russian people, inspiring literature, artists, musicians, folklore and popular songs, such as “ The Boatmen of the Volga”.



From its source, 300 km south from St. Petersburg, located on the plateau of Valdai, north-west of Moscow, the great Volga, 3700 km long, has a shape of gigantic question mark on the map of European Russia. It heads for the North-East, through the immense reservoir of Rybinsk, before suddenly heading towards the South- East, up to Kazan, where it takes the direction of the South before flowing into in the Caspian Sea.
Although being frozen throughout the winter, this legendary River is a natural trade route since ancient times. Colossal improvements were made during the mid-20th century to make the greater part of the Volga navigable and to link it to other rivers by a network of canals till the north of the Neva and up to the south of Don and Dnieper Rivers.
The construction of dams, huge reservoirs and locks have created a special navigable river system after the “Raspoutitsa”, that is, the beginning of the spring thaw.
Thus, an important active commercial shipping has been made possible and safe throughout the summer, from north to south of Russia. These cruises on the Volga became a “must” to see, to discover Russia. A traveler, amazed by these unforgettable river cruises, may take time to visit Moscow and St. Petersburg, to travel extensively through beautiful stops in Russia.
Rivages du Monde affords you to discover the treasures of the Russian soul in the beautiful river cruises sailing on the Volga, the Svir and the Neva Rivers, from Moscow to St. Petersburg, and from the Kremlin Walls to the Azov Sea, sailing the Volga and the Don Rivers.


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