The island of Kizhi, a gem in the Wild.
Among the stops of the river cruise in Russia, Kizhi Island will let you an undying memory. This is after crossing from south to north the immense Lake Onega, where you will see the silver domes of the Church of the Transfiguration gradually appearing in the distance.



The Island of Kizhi, a hotbed in Karelia, the province of northern Russia, is the pearl of the archipelago of 1,650 islands that occupy the North of Lake Onega, holy lake with thousands of legends, which is called unceremoniously by Karelians “Batiushka Onego”, the “Little Father Onega”.

Kizhi Island is the northernmost stage of the cruise by Rivages du Monde from the Volga to the Baltic Sea. More than any other stops, Kizhi Island enjoys a unique atmosphere, related to the particular light of the Karelian summer, in contrast with harsh and long winter, which isolates each year the inhabitants of the Island for several months. Walking tour on the Island of 6 km long and 1 km wide offers you an unforgettable bucolic sight of its wooden buildings scattered among the rowans, birds and floral grasslands.

Upon landing on the Island of Kizhi, you enter the unique Museum of Architecture and Ethnology of Kizhi, open-air museum where you will discover two magnificent wooden churches, the Cathedral of the Transfiguration and the Church of Intercession of the Virgin, which is a fabulous architectural ensemble, registered since 1990 in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

You will enjoy an amazing exterior sight of the Cathedral of the Transfiguration. It is an extraordinary wooden building, build without using a single nail, 37 m high and rich with its 22 domes, covered with wooden scales that gives them the incomparable silver patina.

The nearby Church of the Intercession of the Virgin is crowned with nine domes covered with silver wood. You can enjoy a bright collection of icons and, perhaps, meet Father Nicolas Ossoline, who came from France in 1992 to be in charge of the parish of Kizhi.

During this beautiful stop of your cruise in Russia, you can also visit along the way the traditional wooden buildings: isbas of the Carelian peasants, barns, traditional Russian baths and chapels, without forgetting the Archangel Chapel, the St. Michael Chapel and Saint- Lazare Chapel, built in 1391.


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