Mandrogi puts craftsmanship in spotlight!
Coming from Moscow after crossing Lake Onega, lucky participants of the Cruise in Russia by Rivages du Monde, make a final stop in Mandrogi, and then will be crossing the Lake Ladoga for a morning arrival in St. Petersburg.



Mandrogi is a lovely village in Karelia, on the shores of the Svir River which connects Lake Onega with Lake Ladoga.

Originally Mandrogi was an old fishing village that was abandoned by its inhabitants after the Second Word War. The harsh Russian winter and the lack of resources and job opportunities were the main causes.

Thanks to the initiative of Russian benefactors, the village of Mandrogi was completely rebuilt by craftsmen in traditional Russian style to reconstruct a showcase of the traditional habitat of northern Russia while reviving all the craft activities. Nowadays, a hundred people live in Mandrogi, receiving tourists during all the seasons- Russian hunters during the winter and passengers of the river cruises, which connects the Volga to the Baltic, during the summer.

While some people named this village « Russia Land », this project has the advantage of providing a pleasant stop, conveniently located between the stop of Kizhi Island and St. Petersburg.

This stop gives passengers the opportunity to walk among typical isbas, built in a beautiful forest setting. They can also admire Russian artisans, who practice their multiple talents and offer embroidery, tissues, sculptures and paintings on wood.

This successful initiative has helped reviving this village of Karelia providing resources to the people who live and work there.

During this stop, the passengers of the river cruise by Rivages du Monde are invited to share a hearty Lunch organized for them on a vast protected esplanade, located in the center of the village, while listening traditional Russian songs and balalaika players.


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