Moscow is the unmissable stopping-point of your cruise in Russia.
The River cruises in Russia, offered by Rivages du Monde, run over the entire course of the Volga, traditional path of communication throughout the vast plain of Russia. The whole is connected by a remarkable system of river channels in the North and South of European Russia.
The common feature of any cruises in Russia is that they all start or finish in Moscow.



Vibrant capital of Russia, the city of Moscow has about 10 million inhabitants.  This is the largest European city.  As the cold weather rage in Moscow from the end of October till April, the freezing of rivers prevents any navigation during this period, until thawing. Therefore, the river cruise ships can sail from Moscow to St. Petersburg from May to September.
At the heart of Moscow, you will cross the famous Red Square, bordering the Kremlin: it is the outstanding architectural ensemble, gated in the south by the beautiful St. Basil Cathedral with colorful domes and by the National History Museum in the North. In the West, it is bordered by the high red Walls of the Kremlin and the Lenin Mausoleum, which faces on the east the majestic GUM building.
The inescapable visit of the Kremlin, an impressive triangular fortress, build along the Moskva River and surrounded by a high red brick wall, 2235 m in length that links its 20 towers.   It will let you an unforgettable impression! This historic landmark of Russia, located in the city downtown, the center of power. This spiritual center will allow you to contemplate the splendor of this palace, the magnificence of its cathedrals and museums.
Before continuing your visit and arriving to the famous place of cathedrals, you will stop near the Tsar Pushka or King Cannon, as well as near the Tsar Kolokol or Tsar Bell, where you will be impressed by their colossal sizes. Ironically, none of them has ever functioned. Finally you will arrive to the oldest square in Moscow, renowned to be one of the most beautiful. 
While having a few hours of spare time during your stop in Moscow, have a stroll into the famous Moscow Metro to admire the richness of the stations’ decoration.


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