Uglitch, the first contact with deepest Russia
From Moscow, the start of your navigation on the cruise in Russia, you will join the Volga, where you will pass by the famous bell tower of Kalyazin. Stalin had agreed to preserve it  as a semaphore to assist the navigation on the reservoir of the dam hydroelectric of Uglitch. The famous bell tower, located in the midst of the waters, announces the forthcoming arrival to the huge locks of Uglitch.



By getting closer to the central lock, your ship passes under the Triumphal Arch, celebrating the victory over Germany, then goes down from a height of 11 m. After the scenic passage of the lock, further along the river, appear the red and white Church of St. Dimitri and the green domes of the Transfiguration, in the midst of a luxurious greenery.

First stop of all the river cruises of Rivages du Monde, after Moscow, Uglitch takes you to the hinterland of Russia. Located on the right bank of the Volga River, this small city of the Golden Ring hosts its own Kremlin. Marked by a rich and turbulent history, the place is also known for the tragic death of Tsarevich Dimitri, which occurred in 1591, at the age of 10 years.

Son of the last wife of Ivan the Terrible, the first Tsar of Russia, died in 1584, the little Tsarevich was found murdered in the gardens of the Palace of Uglich, where he lived in exile with his mother. The circumstances of his death remain unclear, despite the official version that supports the thesis of an accident during an epileptic seizure. Pushkin and Mussorgsky, in their talented works, named Boris Godunov, the head of Boyars, as the real cause of his death. However, the mystery remains.

Visiting the Kremlin precinct allows to consecutively discover the 15th century Palace of Tsarevich Dimitri, the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Saviour and its beautiful frescoes and exceptional acoustics. Also to be seen, the 37 m high bell tower, topped by a golden dome, built in 1713 and located close to the Cathedral. Then, along the Volga, the lovely little church of St. Dmitry-on-Blood with five starry blue domes located on the very place of his death. The little Tsarevich was to be canonized in 1606. In this church museum, with cast-ironed floor, many icons are exposed, one of which is the much admired “Virgin of Smolensk”.

The small town of Upper Volga, founded in 1148 and one year earlier than Moscow, made history with the tragic death of Tsarevich Dimitry, son of Ivan the Terrible. Among the wonderful buildings of Uglich, visit the Cathedral of the Transfiguration and the Church of St. Dimitri. There you can listen to the orthodox hymns.


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