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Cruise maker since 2001, Rivages du Monde is operating river & coastal cruises. Our company is chartering ships in full and is offering an all-inclusive cruising product. Since its foundation, Rivages du Monde designs every cruise with a cultural approach and has always been trying to devise original routes on rivers and seas of the world. The company offers a range of river and coastal cruises which are educational, enjoyable and above all, different. Furthermore Rivages du Monde approaches a real destination, while enjoying the comfort and the intimate vessels. Far from the image of gigantic ships, Rivages du Monde’s ships are at human scale, with a warm and friendly atmosphere that can accommodate 46 to 300-passenger cruise. The company is also providing passengers with on shore services: transfer arrangements, shore excursions and pre and post land tours. Number one in cruises in Russia, Ukraine and on the Mekong River in the French speaking countries’ markets, Rivages du Monde has ever since extended and enlarged the scope of its product range. Featured in this site, our four international cruises we will be operating in 2015. All services on board and ashore are being provided in English & French.
With these cruising tours, Rivages du Monde is offering a new facet of its creativity. These new itineraries will certainly accommodate the most jaded of your travellers, in search of something new.

Alain Souleille
President & CEO of Rivages du Monde
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